Fibo – Social Impact

We are pre-occupied with all dimensions of social and environmental problems.We are occupied to achieve impacts according to the scale of the problems.We are designing, promoting and managing collective action processes that might be able to scale up the impact of innovative solutions with validated positive results.We want to reach many people and communities.

Testing social innovations are continually arising. Many of them achieve success and are even validated. However, in most of these cases we face difficulties in scaling the impact and addressing all the dimensions of the problem.

We start from the premise that we need to change the questions:

  • Can we scale solution with proved impact?
    -> We ask ourselves how we can grow steadily and with a strong impact.
  • Can we design solutions to generate fair incomes?
    -> We ask ourselves if economic development processes implanted are fair.
  • Can we make this in a collective way?
    -> We ask ourselves how to articulate with all the existing positive initiatives.
  • Can we be sustainable?
    -> We ask ourselves how we can make sustainable the development processes.

We believe some of these answers might be in the way we think about the scale.

To come up with a linear growth may lack of flexibility and does not solve the conflict, contributing this way with fragility. To think in an exponential model implies a transformation speed that not necessarily might be adapted to the cultural changes needed, leaving many people behind.

We propose to implement an innovative strategy, where scalability is given by a succession of actions; and every new growing hypothesis contains the sum of the previous ones. By implementing this premise –which is widely applied in other fields and disciplines, and it is known as “Fibonacci Sequence”-, all new growing experiences contain the learning obtained from the previous  steps, creating at the same time the conditions for a new leap of the impact. It is possible to scale at the rhythm of the given conditions. It is possible to scale embracing the ones who participated in the previous leap of scale. We have learned this from the life, from the nature. We grow up in quantity at the same time we grow in greater depth. We grow up in spiral.